In an ongoing process to improve Customer Satisfaction Prime Cable Industries offers a variety of services:

  • Commercially competitive prices.
  • Reliable & consistent quality.
  • Reliable & just in time delivery.
  • Product development for a Applications/Projects


Prime Cable Industries derives its strength from its customers. The growth of the latter is a prerequisite to the growth of the company and hence customers’ satisfaction is its prime objective. Over the years sincere has earned the company distinguished leaders in sectors like L.T. power cable, L.T. control cable, L.T. XLPE cable, F.R.L.S/F.R. cable, Multi strand wires, FR/F.R.L.S wires, panel wire, Round flexible wire, submersible wires, PVC Aluminum service wire, Telephone cable/wire, PVC Drop wire etc.
Prime Cable Industries has highly experienced, quantified and dedicated professional with strong adherence to the to the quality management system. Prime Cable Industries has offices all over the country and also has a wide network of authorized distributors and dealers to cater to all the customer segments in India.
Prime Cable Industries has earned the trust and reputation in India, winning the customer’s confidence. Several thousand kilometers of LT XLPE Cable in the voltage range of 1.1KV have been manufactured and are in operation in India.

"I don't believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and then make them right" - rantan tata
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