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10 most promising Electric Cable Manufacturers in India 2020

10 most promising Electric Cable Manufacturers in India 2020

Electric cables play an important role when it comes to lightening or powering the world with electricity. They are the only medium for transferring electricity from one place to another. In the last 15 years, the business of cable companies has been increased by 14-15 per cent CAGR.

Cable companies in India are consistently performing to be on top to contribute their best towards India power sector and economy. Let’s know about the top 10 electric cable manufacturing companies, described according to the parameters of turnover, production, net profit, and growth rate:

KEI Industries Limited

Year of establishment: 1968

Headquartered in Delhi, KEI manufactures different types of quality cables such as LOW tension cables & high tension power cables, winding wires, and many more. These cables fulfil the demand for many sectors such as railways, fertilizers, and real estate. Besides India, it also covers the area of its business in Dubai, Singapore, South Korea, and Kazakhstan.

Its four state-of-the-art plants are located at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan), Silvassa(Dadra and Nagar Haveli), and Pathredi (Rajasthan)

Polycab India Limited

Year of establishment: 1968

With 22 manufacturing facilities for wires & cables only, Polycab India Limited is contributing hugely towards lightening our country. The company is producing different types of cables such as power cables, instrumentation cables, solar cables, building wires, multicore cables, communication cables, and control cables.

Coming to the CSR values, Polycabl always strived to improve the health and hygiene of society. The company has also contributed to giving health benefits in the form of subsidized medicines, treatments, and medical insurance to the people living below the poverty line.

Finolex Cables Limited

Year of establishment: 1958

The popular brand, Finolex cables is serving the cable industry with its 5 hi-tech cable manufacturing facilities in Pimpri, Urse, Goa, and Roorkee. It is one of those electrical industries that has crossed the number of 4,000 channel partners and 30,000 dealers worldwide. The brand is trusted for delivering its high-quality electric cables in both the commercial and residential sector.

RR Kabel

Year of establishment: 1995

RR Kabel is a renowned brand in the electrical manufacturing sector. It is serving the electrical industry with the facilities settled in Silvassa, DNH, and Waghodia – Gujarat. It is producing approximately 2909625 CKM PVC insulated cable every year. With the strength of more than 1000 employees, RR Kabel claims approx. 25 per cent of growth every year.

Prime Cable Industries Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1997

Prime cables emerged as one of the best cable manufacturing brands in India in the last few years. The high-quality insulated cables produced by Prime Cables have become the first choice of a large number of Indian customers. The brand is selling world-class quality cables and wires with fire resistant quality, climate protection, and reliability of years.

V-Guard Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1996 (Started making wires and cables this year)

V-guard promises to bring a better tomorrow to our houses and commercial centres. The power of more than 1000 employees and modern equipment deliver world-class wires and cables to the Indian electrical stores for us. Not only empowering the electrical sector but it also supports poor people by providing ambulances to the govt. hospitals and NGOs.

KEC International Limited (With RPG Cables)

Year of establishment: 1959

Headquartered in Mumbai, KEC International is running two manufacturing facilities at Mysore and Vadodara. As the brand is so much popular among people, it never compromises with the quality of its cables and wires. Its high quality insulated cables earn it more than 20 per cent of grown every year.

Havells India Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1958

Havells promises that its wires don’t catch fire because they are made of good quality PVC insulation. Its cable manufacturing unit is settled in Alwar, Rajasthan where more than 70,000 km of insulated cable is manufactured every year. Havells sale approx. 97 per cent of its total production in India and the rest of the 3 per cent outside the country.

Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

Year of establishment: 2000

Demerged from Sterlite Technologies Ltd. In 2016, Sterlite Power Transmission Limited has set up its branches in New Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo with employee strength of 350 approximately. Not only cable manufacturing, but it also provides turnkey solutions to upgrade and uprate corridor intensity.