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Our Story

Chairman's Message

Prime Cable Industries (A Unit of R.C. cable Pvt. Ltd.) is one of the India's leading cables manufacturing company having valuable experience of over one and a half decade. Over the years the group has widened its part and has attained a reputable name in the cable industry. Our product caters to wide span of industries including Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Electricity Boards, Thermal Power Plant, Oil & Gas, Railway, Steel Plant, Port Trust etc. Prime Cable Industries boasts of a prestigious clientele that includes Governments, Semi-governments, Institutional and Major Private Sector organizations at national level.

Prime Cable Industries has always laid a great emphasis on manufacturing excellence, technological advancement and customer satisfaction. Our in house process control and quality assurance experts ensure that every customer receives a high quality product. Furthermore, our organization culture is one that encourages constant growth and improvement. Right from human capital to product capital, we ensure that our resources are amongst the best, making us capable of delivering our promises and surpassing expectations.

It is my belief that despite the high levels of inflation, India continues to be rather well-positioned to achieve continued economic success and growth in this very challenging environment. Despite our rapid growth and elevation to the leadership position in the industry, the market trends and changing technology continue to be our driving force. The core value customer focus and meeting commitments have given us a unique position and respect.

XLPE Power Cables

Gearing up for the future and to keep winds in tomorrow's world we have our streamlined and efficient manufacturing capabilities to with stand the winds of agile and customer center. We will need to anticipate the future and be ready with solution.

We hope to improve each day to serve you better.

Happy Cabling !!!



Established Since 1997

Cable Manufacturing Company Industry

Prime Cable Industries, established in 1997 & since then manufacturing LT PVC/XLPE Power, Control & AB Cable. We have a diversified product range to meet the requirements of different economic sectors like Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Electricity Boards, Thermal Power Plant, Oil & Gas , Railway, Iron & Steel Industries, Port trust and other Projects/Sectors.

With maintaining world-class quality since its inception. We are accredited with ISO 9001: 2008 and all our products are also ISI mark certified.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision to aimed at making Prime Cable Industries the largest Cables solution provider, with State of the Art technology, all inclusive quality, with high-skill local technical expertise, and its highly diversified products offering multiplicity of alternatives at competitively attracting prices to the world. Driven to produce quality products and ensure safety is our ultimate goal.

Our mission is to become a symbol of unmatched quality and diversity of electrical cables products, both locally and regionally, along with maintaining its leadership, originality and preceding its clients ambitions in the level of services, in satisfaction of its shareholders, and for the significant contribution in the development of the society. Carving better and safe homes when it comes to electrical wiring is our major thriving since the inception.