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5 Solid Reasons for Using PVC Power Cables

5 Solid Reasons for Using PVC Power Cables

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) power cables are extensively flame retardant, resistant to acids, oils, alkalis, and chemicals. They’re durable and resistant to abrasion. These cables are an optimum choice for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

Ahead, you’ll unearth 5 solid reasons for using PVC power cables.

Better Dielectric Strength

Wires or cables manufactured by the best PVC Power Cables Manufacturers offer better temperatures in high-specification applications. When compared with XLPE and other wires, they are tougher and have excellent dielectric strength.


PVC insulation wires are eco-friendly and do not contain lead. Typically any wires or cables that contain lead are not good for the environment during use or disposal. That’s why the demand for PVC wires and cables is increasing.

Flame Retardant

One of the most effective reasons is that these wires are flame retardant meaning they can extinguish sparks or flames. So in case of fire and the source of the spark or fire is dealt with, the Polyvinyl chloride cables will stop burning automatically.

Tough & Resistant To Abrasion

Manufactured by top PVC power cable manufacturers, these wires and cables are tough, highly ductile, and resistant to abrasion. They are lightweight but very strong and resistant to abrasion or rusting.

Suitable for Outdoor

The power cables insulated with Polyvinyl chloride have the ability to tolerate heavy impact or weathering. This makes them perfect for outdoor products that are exposed to fluctuating temperatures.

Easy To Install and Handle

PVC is flexible and easy to shape. It is easily joined, used, and welded into any shape. This allows PVC power wires to be available in different sizes and styles. Since they are light in weight, handling and installing them is quite easy and hassle-free.

Temperature Resistant

Since PVC insulated wires offer excellent dielectric strength, they have the capability of sustaining a high electric field before their insulating properties reduce. This quality makes these cables resistant to extreme temperatures.

PVC Power Cables Manufacturers

Prime Cable is one of India's most reputed PVC Power Cables Manufacturers that has been serving the industry for one and a half decades. The company manufactures, supplies, distributes, and exports top-notch quality PVC and other types of cables and wires. Their PVC cables are fire radiant, lead-free, tough & resistant to abrasion, suitable outdoors, and easy to install and handle.