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5 Types of wires and cables: Used in the building construction

5 Types of wires and cables: Used in the building construction

Buildings can be divided into two partsResidential and Commercial. Both of them need wires and cables for different types of power transmissions such as electricity, data, and security. Apart from the type, the quality of the wires and cables is the most important thing to consider as good quality wires and cables offer reliability for a long time.

According to the different usages at our homes and commercial setups, the wires and cables are divided into 6 categories:

Low voltage Cables

The Low Voltage cables are constructed of aluminium or copper conductor surrounded with various insulation and shielding compounds. They are used to transfer electricity ranging around 50-1000V for AC and 75-1500V for DC.

Instrumentation Cables

Instrumentation cables are used to connect two different instruments communicating with each other for a single industrial process. They can be screened, armoured, triple wired or quad wired, depending on the type of communication an instrument needed.

Armoured Cables

Armoured Cables are covered or protected with different kinds of PVC or metal shields. This armour is used to protect cables from high-pressure washing, high or low temperatures, and corrosion. These cables are used primarily to fulfil the purposes of industrial applications like heavy machines and computer setups.

Communication Cables

The communication cables are used to transmit electric signals in a computer like devices like CCTV cameras, telephones, intranet, internet, and other radio signal using devices. Twisted pair, Coaxial and Fibre Optic Cables are the best examples of communication cables.

Non-Metallic Sheathed Cables

Also called Romex or NM cables, Non-Metallic Sheathed Cables are flexible electric cables that are widely used in our houses. The basic model of these cables is available with two insulated wires including ground copper wire that is used to provide a safe flow of electrical current to handle emergency cases.

This was a basic introduction to the wires and cables that are used in our houses and commercial buildings to transmit data, electricity, and other forms of signals. For the best electricity and data transmission, use Primecab wires and cables that are made of high-quality PVC and refined metals