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Anatomy of underground power cables

Anatomy of underground power cables

Underground power cables have pretty much different anatomy from the open wires and cables. The underground power cables come with unique advantages and limitations. The most noticeable things are that they are made with a higher cost, and hence are used to replace open cables, wherever it is needed. These wires are used in those places where open wires cannot be installed.

Understanding the construction of underground power cables:


There are 1-3 conductors can be used (depending upon the requirement). These conductors are made from electrolytic grade - pure copper or aluminium.

Conductor Screen

The conductor screen is made from a semi-conducting tape or it can be crafted from an extruded layer of a semi-conductive compound.


It is provided to handle electrostatic stress. Different materials like PVC, VIR, and XLPE can be used to insulate the conductor and conductor screen.

Insulation Screen

MV and HV lines use semi-conductive material as an insulation screen in underground cables. It is quite similar and serves the same purpose as the conductor screen.

Metallic Sheath

The metallic sheath is used to protect against water and other harmful chemicals. Aluminium or lead can be used to build this metallic sheath. It also handles faults and leakage currents as the sheath is earthed at one of the ends of the cable.


Jute or hessian can be used to protect metallic sheath from corrosion and mechanical damages that may happen due to armouring.


Armouring provides tough protection against physical harms of the cable during installation. It is a kind of cage of steel tapes around the bedding layer.


Again low-grade jute or hessian material is used to provide thermal protection, which is the outermost protection of this cable. PVC can also be used to make the cover of underground cables.

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