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Best Power Cable Manufacturing Company in Delhi, India

Best Power Cable Manufacturing Company in Delhi, India

As we all know, to transmit and distribute power supply around the world, we need wires and cables to connect. There are many power cable manufacturers in the world who are working to produce supply of cables to all the sectors. In India, it's the need of all the sectors including telecommunication, office LANS, information, technology, etc. , to get power cables from best cable manufacturers in India.
The wire and cable industry in India, has a great number of companies in their list. Among them, Prime cable industries is one of the leading cable industry in India.
Since 21 years, they are considered to be one of the best power cable manufacturers in India.

They provide wide range of cable to all the sectors of economy. Prime cables Delhi, manufactures products including high voltage power cables, electric power cables, aerial bunched cables, copper wires and many more. Prime cables produces high quality copper wires, thus creating a place among leading copper wire manufacturer in Delhi.

The power cables manufactured by them are highly durable and satisfying. Let's discuss about them:

High voltage power cables -
These cables range from 3300 volts to 33000 volts possessing excellent electrical, mechanical and heat resistant dynamics. High voltage power cables are cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated. They can be used underground or underwater having specific switching and distribution panels.

Low voltage power cables -
These cables transmit power up to 1100 volts. Low voltage power cables exhibit excellent electrical flow and heat resistance. They have an aluminium or copper conductor and are solid, circular and compacted. These cables are exceptionally resistant to Ozone and mineral oils.

High Tension Aerial Bunch Cables-
These power cables are of 11kv and 33kv, used for distributing power in cities where ground space is limited. They have stranded aluminium conductor and are screened by an extruded semiconducting layer(XLPE Insulation). This insulation reduces the number of short circuits during thunderstorms. Aerial bunched cables are more safer than bare cables and maintenance is also very convenient. They are designed to withstand extreme cold and intense sunlight.

Low Tension Aerial Bunch Cables
These electric power cables are used to distribute power to consumers individually, through electricity boards and authorities. They are of 1100 volt, having a lighting conductor insulated with XLPE compounds. They are highly safe and reliable and considered to be ideal for rural distribution.

Thus, by manufacturing these power cables, Prime cable aims to provide quality product with high durability and safety. Prime cables industries, working on diverse range of products, has set their electric power cable price way too affordable and attractive.

So, to build a better and safe home or enterprise, you can easily go for prime cables to get your building the best electrical wiring in India.