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Electrical Fire Safety!

Electrical Fire Safety!

Involve all the stakeholders right from the government organizations to the consumer to collaborate together, for a common goal. Stricter fire safety regulations by the National Building Code of India (NBC) need to be, in place, that’s a must. That is where the government’s, role comes into play. Today’s government needs to

Strike the right balance between energy saving methods, and a dedicated focus on cable quality. 5-Star Product rating for electrical safety can also go a long way in ensuring fewer safety hazards and better quality.

Now coming to the cornerstone of every business, the consumer; as the doctor prescribes medicines for their patients, electricians write memos for consumers. Awareness campaigns and educating the electricians and electrical contractors on these issues will lead them choose quality electrical products with safe and trustable standards. The damage caused by inferior electrical products can be long lasting and as a long term strategy, it’s always wise to invest in good quality electrical products.

What are the steps taken by your company for increasing awareness around electrical safety in the country?

Awareness around safety and value addition are the core principles guiding the vision of Prime Cable. We strive to be a responsible company because we know if

Electricity can light up lives, then it ruin families too if not treated in proper way. Our team constantly strives to keep up with the latest safety trends, build awareness and communicate with our stakeholders, be it the government, electrical contractors, electricians or the consumer through various seminars/ webinars, nukkad meet, electrician meets, outdoor campaigns and strategic media campaigns.

We arrange unique factory visit programs for all types of electrical boards, contractors and workers to educate them of our quality products and its safety features too. It is highly worthy to mention that the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) is working in a smart and hard way to drive safety

Awareness and focus on wire and cable quality. Prime Cable will keep working towards creating an ecosystem that prioritizes electrical safety and quality standards by “Powering a Smarter Tomorrow”.

How do you see the challenges related to electrical safety in India?

India is progressing in terms of Electrical safety, this can be seen by the quality driven approach of State Electricity boards, Electrical Contractors and other PSUs and Private Energy Consultants. We are seeing numerous efforts by our clients who are mainly electrical contractors in terms of electrical isolation, more emphasis on proper display of display boards and identification, inspection & testing of Cables and other materials and other precautions towards hazards. But there still are various challenges for India to become really efficient in terms of electrical safety.

Some that I can think of and believe are as follows -

1. In India the job of setting up infra for electricity distribution and transmission is mainly privatised by state electricity boards and other Energy sector PSUs. These jobs are usually taken up by huge MNCs and companies like GE power, Siemens, L&T, etc. which are very much capable of doing their task by following proper electrical safety measures. But the responsibility of its maintenance and repair over the long run falls back in the shoulder of the state electricity boards and Public Enterprises which I believe are still inefficient.

2. There is still an adequate amount of unqualified or unskilled labour force in the electrical sector. This also adds up to the problems in terms of following proper electrical safety precautions on the electrical sites.

3. Though we have witnessed the stringency over the quality of cables and other raw materials