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Electrical safety measures to give peace of mind at work

Electrical safety measures to give peace of mind at work

Installing wires, switches, and electrical boards is a job that involves risks and danger. The workers should be extra careful and equipped with all the required tools and instruments to get the job done.

From giving instructions to the working staff to providing all the safety tools, everything plays an important role to accomplish the electricity tasks successfully and safely.

Some common and standard things need to be followed by every electricity fitting contractor and worker, mentioned below:

Proper instructions to the staff

The staff aligned to this job should be guided and instructed to be careful and sure of all the electrical wire fitting tasks. Apart from the brief, all the needed safety gears should be provided to the workers to mark their safety.

Check on all the equipment

All the provided equipment should be maintained and checked properly to ensure their flawless working. Loose wires and improper fitting should be marked and fixed as soon as possible before someone gets in contact with them. Make sure that all the plugs and sockets are connected carefully.

Easy reach to the master switch

The master switch should be installed in a place where everyone could reach easily and quickly. Doing this decreases the chances of meeting major electricity accidents. The master switch should be marked with a unique colour or words so that everyone could easily identify it.

Use of MCBs

MCBs play a very important role in eliminating many of the accident because of their auto-shutoff feature. The good quality MCBs should be used as they are highly responsive to the abnormal electricity fluctuations.

Use good quality Wires & Cables

Using good quality electricity wires & cables ensure the perfect operation of the home and office appliances. Moreover, good quality wires are more capable of handling abnormal electricity fluctuation for a longer time. Electrical wires from Prime cables ensure flawless working, electricity-saving, and safety for a longer time in comparison to other ordinary brands in the market.