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Guidance for electricians to avoid covid-19 infection

Guidance for electricians to avoid covid-19 infection

Government has issued some guidelines for all of us to stop the infection of covid-19. Electricians are especially guided with some specific instructions, which summarised below:

  • Electricians can visit homes for their job if they are not showing symptoms.
  • Electricians are not allowed to work in isolated homes.
  • No work should be carried out if the owner is showing symptoms like sneezing, fever, trouble breathing, and coughing.
  • Electricians are guided to wash their hands before and after the work or sanitize their hands properly.
  • Both electrician and the person who called him should be wearing a mask and maintaining the distance of at least 6 feet.

Guidance for the commercial electricians:

Electricians working at building sites or manufacturing facilities, need to follow different precautions, mentioned below:

Social Distancing

Try to maintain the distance of at least 6 feet between you and your co-workers. It helps you to avoid virus infection as much as possible. Avoid shaking hands and eating together.

Travel in Isolation

Using a personal vehicle is highly-recommended because using public transport can make you more vulnerable to the virus. Also, try to avoid carpool or vehicle sharing with others.

Toilet facilities

Restrict the number of people using toilets at a time. Also, installing pedal-operated taps and liquid soap dispensers decrease the chances of getting an infection.

Canteen/Rest Areas

Ask your employer to increase the area of the canteen so that people could be sitting while maintaining the distance. The canteens and rest areas should be frequently cleaned and sanitized. Employees should be encouraged to bring their lunch and refillable water bottles from home. Doing this avoids transferring the virus if it carried by someone.

Regular Handwashing

Encourage them to wash their hands after every half an hour or use sanitizers if they are wearing gloves. Washing hands regularly is highly recommended even by WHO.