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Heat Shrinking Tube: What Is It And How It Is Used?

Heat Shrinking Tube: What Is It And How It Is Used?

What is Heat Shrinking Tube?

Heat Shrink Tube, which is also known as heat shrinking or heat shrink, is a shrinkable plastic tube. It is used for insulating wires. It ensures proper abrasion protection and environmental shield for standard and solid wire connections. It also safeguards conductors, joints, and terminals in electrical work.

Several beneficial properties of heat shrink tubing make it a very useful material for various applications. It can be used to cover wire harness and component packaging. Heat shrink tubing serves various functions and purposes to improve the performance, durability, and maintenance of products.

How Heat Shrinking Tube Is Used

Heat shrink tubing has many useful applications. It provides electrical insulation to terminals, wires, connections and bounding loose items. Reasons to use Heat Shrinking Tube include the following:

Wire and cable protection

Heat shrinking tube protects wire and cables from abrasion in moving parts and areas. It also protects cables from environmental effects and liquids like water, oil, and acids.

Colour Coding

Apart from the protective benefits, a heat shrinking tube is also used to help with cable management. In general, it is colour coded so it allows experts to quickly and safely know the function of cables.


A heat shrink tube is used for insulation purposes. It performs better than basic insulation products. It is reliable due to the quality of ‘tight fit’. Also, it does not come off with age.

Strain Relieve

Wires and cables are usually stretched or put under strain because of inadequate length or being squeezed into confined spaces. This badly affects the life of the cable and wires. But when you use heat shrinking, you are able to reduce the strain to keep them tip-up shape and last longer.

These are the basic reasons why heat shrinking tube is used in the industry.