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High-Quality Solar Cable Manufacturers in Delhi, India

High-Quality Solar Cable Manufacturers in Delhi, India

Solar Power Technology is welcomed open arms by the whole world for its qualities like pollution-free, cost-efficient, and environmental-friendly.  Like other developed countries, so many Indian and International companies have started manufacturing solar cables in India. You can buy solar cables both online and offline.

Here are some of the top-rated cable manufacturers in India:

Havells India Ltd

Founded in the year 1958, the brand promises for the environment-friendly production of solar cables. High-quality, Durable, and affordable solar cables are being made and sell all over the world. Tinned copper XLPO insulated and LSZH Sheathed type cables are the specialty of Havells.

Polycab India Ltd

Spreading the slogan, “Say ‘Yes’ to Greener, Better Tomorrow”, Polycab is manufacturing electron-beam irradiated solar cables to promote renewable energy. Their solar power cables are TUV approved as per EN 50618 standards.

KEI Industries Ltd

KEI PV Solar Cables are dedicated to the Photovoltaic system as they are designed for connecting photovoltaic power supply systems with a nominal D.C voltage of a 1.5kV. These cables can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Primecab Cables

Wisely built, Primecab’s solar cables are certified by TUV. They have used the technology of electron-beam and cross-linked to improve thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties of the polymer.

Finolex Cables Ltd

Finolex Solar Cables are also designed to support the Photovoltaic system for both indoor and outdoor solar installations. Finolex is known for following high-standards of making all kinds of electric wires and cables.

RR Kabel Ltd

One of the leading names in the business of quality cable manufactures, RR Kable Ltd follows all; thermal, electrical, mechanical, and chemical parameters to design good Solar Cables to revolutionise worldwide-welcomed solar energy.

So, these are the most-reputed local solar cable manufactures in India, delivering quality solar cables to people of India.