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How Fuse and Fuse boxes work?

How Fuse and Fuse boxes work?

A point, where the electricity is controlled and distributed in your house, is called the electricity fuse.

We must know where the Fuse Box is installed at our house if something happens wrong like an electric shock, catching fire, and wrong behaviour of any electrical appliance.

There are mainly two types of fuses that are used at our houses:

DC Fuses

DC fuses are usually bigger and offer a stable flow of electricity above 0 volts. So it becomes tough to break the circuit. There are chances of happening electric arc between dissolved wires. This is the reason the electrodes are kept at better distances to ignore the electric arc. And the reason, the size of the DC fuse gets huge.

AC Fuses

The AC fuse is smaller in size in comparison to the DC fuse. It can oscillate 50-60 times in every second from least to highest. Conclusively, there are no chances of Arc Generation. The AC fuses can further be divided into HV fuses and LV fuses. The HV stands for high voltage and LV stands for low voltage.

LV (Low Voltage) fuses

Cartridge type fuses, Striker type fuses, switch type fuses and drop out fuses fall in this category. They are made to handle low voltage flow of electricity.

HV (High Voltage) fuses

All HV fuses are used to handle high voltage electricity flow from 1.5 kV to 138 kV. High voltage transformers are used to protect small and instrument transformers. These transformers are made up of silver, copper, and tin.

How does a fuse work?

The fuse works on the temperature level generated by the current. It is made up of thin strip or strand of metallic wire. The fuse is always connected between the ends of the terminals.

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