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How multi-core wires or cables are different from the single-core electric wires and cables?

How multi-core wires or cables are different from the single-core electric wires and cables?

Both single and multicore wires and cables are used in different electrical appliances, gadgets, and equipment. These wires and cables are made to fulfil hundreds of purposes in your homes, organizations, malls, construction sites, and streets.

Single-core cable

The name itself defines, single-core cables have a single conductor that is either made of aluminium or copper. The single-core cables are jacketed in a single sheath only, which is made of PVC or other rubber material.

Single-core cables are available in solid or stranded types that you can buy according to your requirement. The solid single-core cables have a thicker diameter and offer good rigidity and durability. Whereas, single-core cables offer better flexibility and durability.

Primecab is one of the best single-core cable manufacturers that is known for its quality and durability. Apart from single-core cable manufacturing, Primecab manufactures varieties of world-class wires and cables such as multicore cables, screened type, unscreened type, building wire, solar cables, HT aerial bunch cables, LT aerial bunch cables, HT power cables, and LT power cables.

Multicore or double core and Single core cable diagram

Multicore cable or wire combines a bundle of different wires to serve different power supplying purposes. Their outer sheath is made of PVC or polyethene to absorb very high-temperature to prevent them from heating. The outer cable jackets are used to provide extra mechanical protection to the wires and cables.

Double core or multicore cables contain more than one conductor in a single cable, insulated with PVC or other superior rubber material. Each of the wire is insulated separately within a single cable, which is called a multicore cable.

Uses of Single Core Cables

Single-core cables are mostly reserved for domestic purposes such as operating household electrical appliances. They are used to make circuit inside your house for your gadgets, computers, and control panels. These wires and cables are also used to supply power between machines or create communication.

Uses of Multi-core Cables

Multi-core cables are widely used to fulfil industrial purposes. They are used to powering heavy types of machinery as these wires are excellent conductors of electricity. Multicore cables are widely used in television studios and audio engineering to connect with different gadgets like cameras and speakers.

You must buy high-quality single and multi-core cables as they offer better electricity transmission power and durability. Primecab promises for both durability and quality in all of its wires and cables.