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How Primecab is contributing to the success of “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”?

How Primecab is contributing to the success of “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”?

Our country is focusing on making most of the products in the country itself, to become self-dependent. Since the globe is fighting off the covid-19 crisis, Indian is looking forward to increasing the production of consumable and other types of products.

There are many wires & cable companies in India producing world-class products to offer safety, durability, affordability to the consumers come from all the corners of the world.

By producing high-quality wires & cables, Primecab is contributing hugely towards “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”. One of the leading wires and cables manufacturer company, Prime cables produces varieties of domestic and commercial products in its hi-tech manufacturing facility.

Range of Power Cables offered by Primecab:

HT Aerial Bunch Cables

Aerial Bunch Cables are mostly used in the densely populated areas as they are meant to eliminate the underground power distribution.

LT Aerial Bunch Cables

LT Aerial Bunch Cables are installed in congested and hilly areas, saving the cost of insulation, and poles.

HT Power Cables

Primecab specializes in manufacturing XLPE cables, which offers great electrical, mechanical, and heat-resistant properties.

LT Power Cables

In LT Power Cables, the power transmission lines up to 1100 volts, targeted to handle low voltage operations.

All of its power cables are rugged, supreme quality, and offers great durability throughout all the seasons.

By providing high-quality power cable solutions to our homes and industries, Primecab becomes one of the most efficient contributors in making the “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat” Successful. Not only power cables but building wires, solar cables, and multicore cables are also lead the core sale of Primecab wires & cables.

You can buy all types of electrical wires online by submitting your request on the website. Even world-class multicore cables are available from the innovative house of Primecab.