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How to avoid electric shocks during monsoon

How to avoid electric shocks during monsoon

Rainfalls and storms can create more safety hazards than any other season. During this season, we all can see broken poles, trees and wires on the side of the road. Primecab declares an advisory in the public interest that people should be extra cautious while operating electrical devices at their homes.

All you need to follow some safety tips mentioned below:

  • Do not try to cross the roads where power cables are fallen.
  • Do not jump over fallen wires and cables.
  • Do not try to come out of your car if it is contacted with an electrical wire. In case, it catches fire, try to jump out without contacting the metal part of the car. You need to jump out without making contact between the ground and the car.
  • If you see a downed power line with water near it. Don’t even try to go nearby.
  • Stay far from the area where there is a fallen electricity pole or a broken or low hanging power line. You can also put warning signs in that area and save the lives of others.
  • Never touch vandalized electricity equipment. You should switch off and pull out the plug from the socket of that device.
  • If someone is contacted with electricity through a wire or any appliance. Do not try to separate her/him with your naked hands. Try to pull out the wire of that appliance or use a wooden stick to separate the device or wire from the victim.
  • Do not ever use electrical appliances when they are wet or in contact with water.
  • You must avoid making illegal wire connections over your roof, no matter what season it is.
  • Do not try to climb any tree if some wire or cable is passing nearby.

Use Primecab wires for extra safety and durability during rainy seasons. In Prime cables and wires, a premium kind of insulation is used to provide all-season protection.