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Key Differences between Single Core & Multicore Industrial Cables

Key Differences between Single Core & Multicore Industrial Cables

A cable is a group of insulated or stranded wires. It can have two or more strands. While a single core cable has only one wire, a multicore industrial cable comes with two or more wires. Both types of wires are used in different electrical gadgets, appliances, and equipment. They cater to multiple requirements at residential or commercial buildings, such as construction sites, malls, offices, homes, organizations and so on.

Let’s throw light on major differences between single core cables and multicore industrial cables.

Single Core cable

As the name suggests, a single core cable comes with a single conductor. Made of either copper or aluminum, this cable is jacked in a single sheath only made of rubber, PVC or other materials. It is made to be in solid or stranded types and possesses a thicker diameter. This cable is known for durability, rigidity and excellent flexibility.

Use of Single Core Cable

  • They are good for domestic requirements like household electrical appliances
  • They are used inside the home for making circuit
  • They are optimum for computers, gadgets, and control planets
  • They supply power between machines or for treating communication

Multicore Industrial Cables

Also known as double core and Single core cable diagrams, multicore industrial cables are a bundle of different wires to cater to the needs of different power supplies. They are designed in a way to absorb high temperatures. Their outer sheath is made of PVC that enables these cables to prevent them from heating as well as offer mechanical protection to the wires and cables.

Further multicore industrial cables are insulated with either rubber, PVC or other materials. They are designed with more than one conductor in a single cable. Also, these cables are insulated separately within a single cable.

Uses of Multicore Industrial Cables

  • Multicore industrial cables meet the requirements of the industry
  • They power heavy types of machinery
  • They are excellent conductors of electricity
  • They are ideal for audio engineering, television studios
  • They are made to connect with different gadgets like speakers or cameras
  • They provide better electricity transmission power

With the aforesaid information, it is clear that both the cables i.e. single core and multicore have their own unique role to play. It is up to you to choose cables or wire depending on your requirements.

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