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Meaning and purpose of multicore cables

Meaning and purpose of multicore cables

Multicore cable

A multicore cable is a cable that consists of more than one core of cables. But, a cable carrying different cores doesn’t mean to be a multicore cable always. A multicore cable holds multiple cores to satiate different purposes such as electricity transmission and signal transmission at the same time.

Difference between Single core and Multicore cable:

Single Core

A single core wire with only one strand of metal surrounded by rubber is called a Single Core Cable. There only one core of metal is present, mostly copper or aluminium.

Whereas multicore cable is a group of different metal strands that fulfil different purposes such as transmitting electricity and signals at the same time.

Purpose & Benefits of Multicore Cables:

Space Saving

A multicore cable uses almost 40 % less space in comparison to the single cables, providing similar functionality. Apart from space, multiple core cable decreases the complexity of different cables. Use of copper and premium rubber keeps the heat away from this cable, which makes it a perfect blend of mechanical and thermal performance.


Using different cables for different purposes creates fuss and complexity. The home appliances and instruments have become multifunctional, thus needing different kind of electricity and signal controls. This purpose can only be fulfilled by the use of multicore cables.

Corrosion Resistant

The multicore cables are jacketed with heavy quality rubber material to offer durability and long life. The provided rubber quality is strong that the wires become resistance to corrosion from different weather conditions, chemicals, and fluids.

The Primecab offers super strong multicore cables to fulfil different residential and industrial purposes. A plain annealed copper conductor is used in Primecab multicore cables as per IS 8130. The wires manufactured at the facility of Primecab are made of using special PVC compound, which is lead free and heat resistant.