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The age of Fire Survival Cables: Structure & Benefits

The age of Fire Survival Cables: Structure & Benefits

Technology is taking over the world day by day. From smartphones to the cars, every technical innovation is following the fact of evolution, making all of them more refined and flawless with each of their models.

Exactly like other technical products in the market, wires and cables are getting refined in the terms of quality and safety every year. The time has come to shift to the latest & safest – fire survival cables to avoid accidental probabilities at our home and office. It is one of the innovative types of fire-resistant cables that are used to cope up with serious fire conditions.

This cable is particularly best suited to avoid electrical accidents in commercial buildings such as hospitals, shopping malls, and theatres.

Benefits of using Fire Survival Cable:

  • It has fire retardant properties
  • Releases zero halogen gases
  • Low-cost installation charges
  • Less smoke & toxic gas emissions
  • Keeps the circuit maintained even in the fire

Structure of Fire Survival Cables:

The Fire Survival Cables are crafted to maintain circuit integrity in the situation of an uncontrolled fire. Using fire survival cables ensure the safe evacuation of people as there is no release of harmful and toxic gases.

The standard format of crafting Fire Survival Cables:

  • Made of a flexible Annealed Copper Conductor
  • Flame Retardant LSZH is used to make these cables
  • Mica Tape Fire Resisting Barrier
  • XLPE/EPR/EVA is used as Primary Insulation Material

Fire-resistant cables can be crafted with the choice of multiple materials, armoured, unarmoured, according to the need and demand of the customers.

The purpose of introducing this particular variety of cable is to decrease the chances of electrical accidents and even to reduce the damage due to fire.

FRLS cables are close in competition to the Fire Survival Cables as they produce low smoke while burning.

Primecab's Fire Survival Cables ensure maximum safety with competetive price in the market.