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The Best Among The Rest!

The Best Among The Rest!

Prime Cable Industries is one of the leading and trusted LT Aerial Bunch Cable Manufacturers in India. The group has widened its empire and has acquired a reputed name in the cable industry. All our product caters to a range of industries including transmission, power generation, Oil and gas, steel plant, railway, port trust etc. we have a family of prestigious clients which includes Institutional and Major Private Sector organizations, Governments and Semi-governments.

Advantages Of LT Aerial Bunch Cable!

These cables has a high consistency in maintain services because the conductors are insulated with the best dielectric. The advantages of using LT Aerial Bunch Cable are:

  • There is absolutely no risk of danger because phase conductors are insulated.
  • High lining struggle to earth in all seasons.
  • Low losses and negligible leakage currents
  • Multiple telephone cables and power circuits could be strung in the same set of poles
  • Better malleability to run alongside with present bare conductor system
  • Low inductance and high capacitance which leads to low impedance of lines.
  • Maintenance is very easy
  • Reduced total lines costs
  • The insulation of conductors helps in avoiding corrosion of the conductor
  • The chances of power thefts are reduced because of the cores being insulated
  • These wires are comparatively cheaper than underground power cables
  • Transformers life increased because the supply interruptions are minimized.


LT Aerial Bunch Cables are suitable for the below mentioned functions:

  • As a replacement of bare lines in woods, rural areas and other narrow street and localities where space is limited.
  • In the areas where power theft is prone
  • As a replacement of bare lines where high degree of stability of supply voltage is important and where reliability of supply is important
  • In hilly grounds where cost of production of overhead lines of Under-ground cable becomes extremely high
  • To strengthen the existing system without increasing the voltage and for temporary supplies.