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Using the Correct Size of Solar Cables

Using the Correct Size of Solar Cables

Solar cable is a blend of many insulated wires enveloped by an outer jacket. They are manufactured to be used in photovoltaic power supply systems and similar applications. These cables are movable, free-hanging, ensure fixed installation and can be buried in the ground. These cables manufactured by the best Solar Cables Manufacturers can be used in indoor, outdoor, or hazard explosion sites as well as industry and agriculture.

If your area is prone to consistent and extremely high winds, you may want to consider the best solar cables in a multi-stranded conductor. These cables are flexible and durable.

Correct Size of Solar Cables

According to Primecab India (one of the well-known solar cable manufacturers), using the correct size of solar cable is very important when connecting several components of a solar energy system. The correct size will make sure there is no overheating and no loss of energy. Undersized cables pose the potential to cause fire due to overheating.

It is important to learn that wiring is connected to four components together.

  1. The solar panel or generating electricity
  2. The inverter for converting DC electricity to AC

In case of Off-Grid systems:

  1. The charge controller for preventing batteries from overcharging
  2. The batteries for storing electrical energy for later use

Factors to Determine Size of Solar Cables

Mainly, there are two factors that determine the correct size of solar cables to be used:

  • The generating capacity of the Solar Panel. Note that, larger the current generated, the bigger the size will be required
  • The distance between the Solar Panel and the loads. The greater the distance, the bigger the size of cables will be required.)


To conclude, Solar cables are designed to safely carry DC solar energy from one component of a photovoltaic system to another. For more information about these cables or purchasing the right size of solar cables, consult Primecab India at +91 (11) 27318598.