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Which type of Control Cable Is Right For My Application?

Which type of Control Cable Is Right For My Application?

Control cables are a type of cable that is designed for transmitting electrical signals and power in a diverse range of industrial applications. Top Control Cables Manufacturers produce different types of these cables each with its unique features and applications.

Many factors determine which type of control cable is the right one for your applications. According to Prime Cable, these factors are the voltage and current rating of the cable, the environment in which the cable will be used, and the level of protection required.

Find below the different types of control cables:

Foil-shielded control cables

Control cable manufacturers like Prime Cable manufacture these cables with a view to protecting against electromagnetic interference (EMI). These cables come with a layer of aluminum foil wrapped around the conductors. These lawyers of aluminium foil work as a shield for the cable, and protect it from the EMI.

PVC-insulated control cables

PVC-insulated control cables are among the most common types of products that are ideal for a number of different applications. Made by using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation, they are resistant to chemicals and moisture.

Braid-shielded control cables

Like Foil-shielded control cables, Braid shielded cables are also made to protect against EMI. They contain a layer of braided aluminum or copper wrapped around the conductors that work as a shield against EMI.

Flexible control cables

As the name suggests, flexible control cables are crafted to be flexible. What else? They are designed to be easily bent without damaging the conductors. You can use these cables in applications where you need to move them frequently. The best example is automation or robotics.

LSZH control cables

LSZH (low smoke zero halogens) control cables have the quality to produce less halogen and smoke in case of a burn. They are an ideal choice for applications where the risk of fire prevails. The suitable applications are ships and aircraft.

Control Cables Manufacturers

Prime Cable is one of India’s most trusted and renowned Control cable manufacturers engaged in manufacturing a range of cables and wires for different applications. The company has the ability to tailor its products to produce custom products and meet clients’ specific needs. The in-house process control and quality assurance professionals make sure that every loyal client receives a high-quality product. To learn more about Prime Cable and its product, feel free to get in touch with the company.