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Why copper wires are preferred most at homes?

Why copper wires are preferred most at homes?

Copper is widely used at our homes in the forms of wires. This metal fulfils several purposes as it is loaded with multiple qualities. Copper is used in the windings of most of the electrical appliances, kitchen cutlery, and bottles at home. It looks little rusty with orange lustre, which is affordable in comparison to other metals.

Copper wire or copper material is highly affordable and reliable in comparison to other materials like aluminium, brass, and bronze. The tensile strength, high conductivity properties, and resistance to corrosion ensure that copper is more reliable and last-long.

Here are the places or objects where copper is used as the first choice.


Copper is the primary choice for cabling in telecommunication purposes because of its good conductive properties. Copper wires have been favourite of telecom departments since the introduction of fax machines and the journey goes on with the telephone lines, printers, and scanners, etc.

Air Conditioners

There are very few cases when copper needs replacement in air conditioners because it is a heavy-duty metal and reduces the cost of replacement. Whenever the AC needs repairing, copper wires are highly preferred to reduce the cost and maintenance.

Power Distribution Cables

Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, which is why used as both a power distributor and generator in our houses. The copper wires save great space, reduces power loss, and keeps the cable temperature in control. The copper wires can be used both inside and outside the building for safe power transmission.

Kitchen Appliances

Most of the kitchen appliances are powered by copper winding wires, which makes them powerful as well as reliable and durable. Water kettles for coffee are too made of copper wire. Even the thin wire helps you to do jobs like cleaning gas stoves.

Security Purpose

Talking about security, CCTV cameras also rely on copper wires and plates to maintain their good connectivity for improved security control. The copper plates attached with CCTV cameras also increases the data transmission rate.