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Why should you ask your electrician to follow covid-19 precautions?

Why should you ask your electrician to follow covid-19 precautions?

The world is going through covid-19 pandemic crisis and government and WHO have asked to take some very important precautions during this situation.

We all are dealing with some electrical appliance and even electricity failure situations at our homes. But, do we notice the electricians are following all the mandatory precautions to avoid coronavirus infection? If we don’t, we must notice whether they are taking precautions or not.

Here is the list about you must notice while they are working at your home:

They are wearing masks

N95 or surgical mask should be the prerequisite thing they need to wear while and after entering your home. It offers great protection against virus infection.

They wash or sanitize their hands after entering your home

Ask them to sanitize or wash their hands properly before starting their job. Also, you can ask them to sanitize their tools to reduce the risk of infection.

Maintain at least 6feet of distance

Social distancing should not be ignored at any cost because airborne particles can float up to 6 feet in the front of a coughing person. So try to stay away from them as much as possible.

Make them sit in a separate space of your house

If they want to sit for a few minutes, offer them a separate space to sit as the virus can be carried through clothes too.

They are wearing surgical gloves

The field workers or electricians must use surgical gloves while working as it offers safety and option to sanitize their hands frequently. It surely helps to stop catching virus infection.

In the time of covid-19 crisis, Prime Cable wishes for the safety of humanity across the world. Till the vaccine or a 100 per cent recovery medicine arrives, keep washing your hands regularly, maintain social distancing, and keep using masks for everyone’s safety.