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XLPE Power Cable Manufacturer | Reliable and Audited Suppliers‎ Delhi

XLPE Power Cable Manufacturer | Reliable and Audited Suppliers‎ Delhi

XLPE stands for Cross-Linked Polyethylene. These wires are specifically designed for high voltage applications, because of its low dielectric loss factor and good electrical properties. The cross-linking effect is produced by vulcanization of polymer by adding certain chemical additives to chain of polymers, cross linking into a lattice formation. This cross linking makes the molecules stiff, which releases free radicals, thus aiding the stability at higher temperatures.

But this cross-linking makes the insulation more prone to electrical discharges, and to prevent this, vacuum is maintained between the insulation and the wire, this creating an additional layer of insulation. Their designs vary from a single core to multi core wherein multiple cores of wires have their own individual insulations followed by a main insulation.

XLPE cables consist of the following sections:
  • Circular sheathed Conductor
  • Semiconductor Cross linked sheet
  • XLPE Insulation
  • Tape Screen
  • Copper Screen
  • PVC filler
  • Binder
  • Extruded PVC Sheath
  • Steel armor
  • PVC Over sheath

Because of the sheer expense in manufacturing and distributing XLPE cables, they are not preferred economically for underground applications in India.

Cross linking of polyethylene also aids in higher chemical resistance and absence of a metal sheath, prevents them from natural elements such as corrosion. 

The unique manufacturing process includes high tensile extrusion, followed by triple layer crossheading and a CDCC (Completely Dry Curing and Cooling). The manufacturing process looks simple while its happening but if we dive deep into the intricacies, this may as well be the most perfected process industries could follow.

In the field of Electric Wires, XLPE has gained a Bentley status and very few companies in India currently aid the manufacturing and supply of XLPE wires. One of these companies is Prime Cable Industries Pvt. Ltd.

It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, that specializes in Control cables, Aerial Cables and Construction Cables. The procedure for manufacturing XLPE at Prime is state of the art. They implement a three-phase manufacturing process excluding quality and assurance phase! This is unheard of in the Indian industries, and gives Prime Cables a great edge over their competition. They wrap a three-phase cable around the aluminum alloy messenger conductor which provides a support when the wire is used on top of the poles. Messenger conductor is screened by XLPE insulation as well to prevent weather intrusions and other chemical damages. 

The manufacturing plant, which is based in the Prime (pun intended) industrial area of Narela, New Delhi, features all the latest technological advancements you can possibly imagine. This plant has continuously evolved in the past 21 years, and provided the same reliability and trust that it has done from the past 21 years. That is why their clientele is the most premier organizations of India, Government as well as private. Their major focus is on cable manufacturing and contract-based supply, but they can also cater to individual home/ office needs if required.