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6 Questions Answered About Aluminum & Copper Wires and Cables

6 Questions Answered About Aluminum & Copper Wires and Cables

When it comes to choosing wires and cables, one important question shoppers are doubtful about is whether they should buy aluminum or copper wire. With that in mind, we’re answering the most common questions in this blog. Knowing the answer will help you make an informed decision when buying wires and cables.

#1. Which is better and safer, copper or aluminum wires?

According to the report generated by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission), copper wire is safer to use than aluminum wires. The chances of “fire hazard” in a building with aluminum wiring are 55 times higher than in a home with copper wiring. So, choosing copper wires and cables is a wise step.

#2. Is copper wiring useful and safer than aluminum wiring?

Yes, copper wiring is much safer with fewer precautions. It is best for electrical wiring in tight spaces. The wires or cables made of this metal offer flexibility and remain resistant to heat expansion.

#3. Are aluminum wires cheaper than copper wires?

Yes. Aluminum wires are more cost-effective than their copper counterparts. It is almost half the price. But, aluminum wires are not as strong and effective as copper wires. Copper wires offer better conductivity. They are strong and perfect either for residential or commercial buildings. 

#4. Where is aluminum wires used?

Though Aluminum is not a good choice for residential or commercial buildings, they are used for electrical wiring in houses. These wires are a better option than copper cables for power grids, airplanes, and high-voltage and overhead power lines that transmit power over long distances. Why? Because they have a heavyweight, which is good for long distances.

#5. Where are the copper wire used?

The most common places where the copper wire is used include electronic circuitry, power transmission, power generation, power distribution for telecommunications, and many other electrical machines and pieces of equipment.

#6. Which electrical wire and cable manufacturer is best?

Prime Cable is one of the most renowned names and best names when it comes to manufacturing power and communication wires and cables. Since its inception, the company has been committed to making and supplying world-class and ISI-marked products. Prime Cable also serves as a wholesaler and retailer of custom cables for residential and commercial buildings, as well as networking and more professional usages.