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How solar is going to be the new hope of the future?

How solar is going to be the new hope of the future?

Solar has become one of the most environment-friendly electricity generation forms these days. More than 70 Gig watts of net solar PV capacity was installed in 2019 worldwide.

The sum of solar and windmill energy is the 5 per cent share of the total electricity requirement in the world. Probably, solar panels are declining the new production of coal power stations because solar panels and wind electricity generation techniques are coming to the consideration of the people. After all, it is way more eco-friendly than any other electricity generation techniques.

Not all the states in India are solar fortunate as Rajasthan in terms of solar power generation. But solar energy can be used easily because solar panels can be installed anywhere on the roof of houses and commercial buildings.

Clouds are not supposed to come and interrupt solar energy transmission in most of the regions of India. The solar energy panels are becoming more popular amongst people in India these days because of the following reasons:

Available with years of warranty

Depending on the quality, the solar panels come with 10-25 years of warranty. The warranty comes separately for panels and the attached equipment like batteries and converters.

Lots of saving

After 4 to 5 years of use, the total cost of solar panels can be redeemed as no additional cost added to it. Most of the electrical appliances may run on the energy transmitted through solar panels.

State-wise subsidy of 20-30 per cent

Even the governments are giving a subsidy to promote solar power throughout the world. Even the 20-30 per cent of subsidy or discount saves you a lot of money in your pocket.

Eco-friendly factor

One of the biggest reasons to promote solar energy by governments is that it is a completely eco-friendly process for fulfilling both commercial and residential purposes of generating electricity. It cuts off a good amount of carbon emission that is added to the environment daily by different forms of pollution.

Solar electrical cables play a very important role in transferring electricity to batteries from solar plates. The quality of these solar wires and cables should be great in the sense of handling heat and transmission of the electricity.

Primecab solar wires and cables are made of world-class insulation material and metal to support the best transmission of electricity between converters, solar panels, and the batteries.