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Stay Safe and Protected with Fire Survival Cables Of Prime Cable Industries

Stay Safe and Protected with Fire Survival Cables Of Prime Cable Industries

In any fire smoke, fire disasters, and toxic or heat fumes are the primary barriers to evacuating a building safely. When fire breaks out, injurious gasses and toxic fumes are released from the smoke that arises. If the temperature is not controlled, and it keeps on increasing, it can damage the structural integrity. It is therefore important to use wires and cables that can resist high temperatures.

Fire Survival Cables  

One of the most important contributions to overcoming these hazards is using fire-resistant and non-halogenated cables. These cables are fire resistant, have long-term circuit integrity, low-smoke and toxic gas emissions, flame retardant properties, zero halogen gasses, and ease and low cost of installation.

Fire Survival Cables from Prime Cable Industries have the capability of continuing transmission of power and signals for a particular time period even during fires. These cables can reduce fire propagation and limit fumes and gasses that can lead to causing severe damage and loss of human lives. They sustain high temperatures for a defined minimum period of time under direct fire.

Manufacturing of Fire Survival Cables at Prime Cable Industries

Experts at Prime Cable Industries take into account several parameters in choosing materials to manufacture cables. They design cables that can resist their temperature. Since insulation releases toxic fumes, especially halogen acid gas, even after burning.

That being said, Prime Cable Industries uses lighter and stronger materials. Its professionals use partial oxygen barriers. So, the cables designed by us create a barrier for oxygen between the wire and the insulation to prevent the release of toxic gasses. In addition, we use high self-extinguishing materials and realize constructive solutions that contrast the flame propagation.

Remember that if there is no oxygen, fire will not burn. Moreover, the maintenance of laying off our fire survival cables is less expensive and difficult. Our cables come with low smoke zero halogens (LSZH) sheaths that have the quality of high self-extinguishing characteristics. They emit lesser fumes with no halogens.

Tests and Examinations

Fire Survival Cables are examined and tested for their resistance. They undergo following the tests:

  • Fire Resistance Test
  • Smoke Density Rating
  • Halogen Gas Emission Test
  • Oxygen Index Test
  • Flammability Test

These tests are conducted as per the industry standards. In short, Fire Survival Cables manufactured and supplied by Prime Cable Industries are the best bet to deal with fire outbreaks responsibly. So, bring cables and wires of Prime Cable Industries to stay safe and protected.