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What is the role and importance of a three-pin plug?

What is the role and importance of a three-pin plug?

In India, we are using both 2 pin and 3 pin plugs, depending on the requirement of an electrical appliance. Ground connectivity in a circuit with 2nd pin doesn’t work that good as a third pin does. This is the reason the third pin is provided to control the ground current, ensuring the safety of the user.

Uses of 3 Pin and 2 Pin plugs:

3 rectangular pin, earthed and fused

This type of 3 pin plug is specially designed to operate class III electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other metal body appliances. All of these appliances need to be earthed or grounded to eliminate the risk of electrocution caused by an electricity leakage passed to the metal body. It offers extra safety against insulation failures.

3 round pin, earthed plug

This type of plug is used to operate heavy appliances like air-conditioners.

2 round pin, unearthed plug

Generally, 2 pin plugs are used to operate class II electrical appliances like TVs and internet routers. Any of the electrical or electronic devices that consume low power, needs only two-pin plug to be connected with electricity.

Purpose of all three pins given in a plug:

Live pin: Its only function is to supply electric current to the device.

Neutral pin: This pin makes a link between return paths of the device to the return path of the electric outlet.

Earth pin: The earth pin links the metallic body of the appliance to the ground, resulting in transferring fault current to the ground, in order to protect users.

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